In the metropolitan region of Dithmarschen/Germany

The word KUNSTGRIFF (literally „art grip“, but also signifying „artifice“) is used as an umbrella organization by artists in the Dithmarschen region – the unique area on the German North Sea coast between Hamburg and Sylt, where adventures are waiting to happen. KUNSTGRIFF derives its special character from the multi-facetted interplay between the many different aspects of the arts.

The Dithmarschen KUNSTGRIFF cultural project opens up a forum to professional and amateur artists where they can present their works to the public and where they can also establish contact with anyone interested in the arts. Numerous contacts have been made over recent years and are being extended with every new KUNSTGRIFF – both between the artists themselves and between the artists and their public.

The annual KUNSTGRIFF event draws attention to the full range of art and culture. KUNSTGRIFF, with its elements of word, image and sound, is an identifiable and memorable trademark. The multi-facetted interplay between the many different aspects of the arts gives Dithmarschen culture its special significance.

These venues are just as varied as the artists involved in KUNSTGRIFF, who present their works, themes and artistic interpretations to an interested public. Artists, businesses, associations, institutions, groups, initiatives and individuals are all involved in promoting their home-grown talent.

Dithmarschen likes to present itself with its cultural variety and to provide insights into the work carried out in this region on the North Sea coast of Schleswig-Holstein and beyond. Each organiser is responsible for arranging and carrying out his or her contribution to KUNSTGRIFF.

The venues where art and culture invite the public to enter into a dialogue range from open studios, archaeological islands, banks, local authorities, book shops and theatres to galleries, restaurants and department stores, and even to churches, parks, museums, schools, workshops and so forth.

„Doing“ and „Understanding“ in word, image and sound as reflected in the arts of this region determine the rhythm of Dithmarschen in the high season of this holiday destination on the North Sea coast of Schleswig-Holstein. The categories of word, image and sound provide an astounding breadth of art in its different guises for a period that is deliberately kept manageable for those involved and for those who are seeing and experiencing it.

Artists and people who are interested in the arts thus form a cultural network. They breathe life into the various worlds of experience. Each artist advertises under the same umbrella for all the others – and vice versa.
The public experiences art in all its versatility by having direct contact with the artists. On KUNSTGRIFF days the mutual dialogue enhances the understanding and interest in these different aspects of the Dithmarschen region. The official premiere “Ouvertüre” takes place as part of a joint opening event held in the foyer of the Dithmarschen Council Chambers („Kreishaus“) in Heide, which is linked to an exhibition that runs throughout the KUNSTGRIFF period. The individual events start shortly afterwards.

KUNSTGRIFF helps artists, agents, politicians involved with the arts, representatives from cultural organisations and associations, representatives of the arts administration as well as the local citizens to enter into a dialogue with one another. Art – the classic method of communication. KUNSTGRIFF focuses on involvement with art.

The way in which KUNSTGRIFF makes artistic works and structures visible, brings them together and presents them is something special that is virtually unparalleled. The KUNSTGRIFF cultural project was deliberately designed as a market covering a wide spectrum. Anyone coming into contact with people engaged in the cultural sector and entering into a debate with them is able to understand culture.
Dithmarschen represents the region between Hamburg and Sylt with all its potentials, both internally and externally. KUNSTGRIFF is an integral part of the overall marketing strategy.